Apple iOS 5.0

Untethered iOS 5.0 Jailbreak!

So a few weeks ago, October 12th to be specific, Apple hit us with another update! Personally I think iOS 5.0 is the biggest change if you are comparing an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S. There are a few changes to the hardware; a better camera mainly.

I had been waiting for a pretty long time for iOS 5.0 to be released mainly because of the wireless syncing feature. The first thing i thought about when it was released was, is there a jailbreak for this? When I started looking around for a jailbreak, I managed to find a tethered jailbreak from the RedSnow site and I do not normally go for tethered jailbreaks but it was too tempting!

I went ahead and upgraded and to my surprise was un-tethered! I looked around and there was nothing confirmed about a un-tethered jailbreak so I came to the conclusion that because I have the older version of the 3GS which has an older bootrom, the exploit worked properly and permanently! (until restore)

I am not going to go into detail on how to jailbreak because im pretty sure someone else out there will do a much better job at it. A quick google search should find you a good guide.
Jailbreak for iOS 5.0: (I used v0.9.9b7)

Video of me with my iPhone showing that it is actually jailbroken.

Needless to say, after I solved the jailbreaking issue, a handful of other problems started to appear.

Accessing the iPhone file structure

Finished quite a few exams in the last week and so I’m taking a little break to make this tutorial that i left halfway done a few weeks back.

So you want to know how to access the iPhone’s file structure eh?

Please note this NEEDS a jailbroken device as well as Cydia.

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Full length ring-tones on the iPhone!

In this post i will be showing you how to setup one of the songs lying around in your iTunes library as your ringtone on the iPhone.

Please note this NEEDS a jailbroken device.

First, you will need to find the song/track in iTunes.image

As you can see, i have done this many times before. To continue, right click on the track and press Create AAC Version.

It will then go ahead and convert the audio file for you…

You must now right click on the NEW track that was created (in this example it is #7) and press Show in Windows Explorer. A windows explorer should now open and you should then rename the extension to “.m4r

You must now give the file a short name, in this example i will rename the file “Get that clear”. Please ensure you do NOT delete the .m4r extension while renaming.

Once you have done all this, you must upload the file to your iPhone under the following folder: “/Library/Ringtones

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Untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak tool finally released!

I do not normally blog about stuff like this but i thought seeing as i already have a technology/coding blur of a blog,  i might as well post it here!

So today, 4th Febuary 2011, the new untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak was released! I have been waiting over two months for this jailbreak to be released. Ever since 4.2 was announced and released i have been waiting for this jailbreak. There have been many tethered jailbreaks around but i don’t fancy jailbreaking my iPhone every time i restart it..

There is no real need for me to upgrade, only one or two of my apps are currently showing me errors telling me about how old my firmware is but apart from that everything is working fine.

Here is a mirror of the windows jailbreak tool: (GreenPoison is currently down..)

UPDATE: Windows Download!!