Accessing the iPhone file structure

Finished quite a few exams in the last week and so I’m taking a little break to make this tutorial that i left halfway done a few weeks back.

So you want to know how to access the iPhone’s file structure eh?

Please note this NEEDS a jailbroken device as well as Cydia.

To start off, you will need to boot up Cydia and navigate to the Search button on the bottom right. Once found, search for OpenSSH.

When found, click on the package and hit the Install button on the top right of your iPhone screen and go ahead with the installation. You may need to respring/reboot your device after installing this package. So now it should be installed and active waiting for incoming connections.

— Changing the SSH password to ensure no one else accesses your device! —

You now need to get a SSH client for your PC. Personally I love Putty (direct download) but there are many out there! Once you have downloaded the client, fire it up!


The next step is to find out the IP address of your iOS device. This is pretty simple but i will be explaining in detail.

You must go into the Settings app then click Wi-Fi and then click on the little blue arrow next to your network (the one with the tick on the left). Your IP is normally something like 192.168.x.x but this is not always the case. Write that number with the dots into the SSH client (Putty) and hit Open. Press YES or ACCEPT to any security prompts.

You will now be greeted with a black screen with say “login as…” and you must write root. When a password is requested you must type the default password which is alpine. Now type the word “passwd” into the box and hit the enter key.

Type the password you want into the box and hit enter, it will then ask you for a confirmation so just type it again and hit enter. The root password has now been changed, just the mobile password to change. You must now type “passwd mobile” and change the password for this too. You want to then exit so just type logout and hit enter.


Please download, install and open FileZilla.

In the host box you must type the IP address of the iPhone that you found out earlier and in the username box type mobile. You must then type the new password you created into the password box and type 22 into the port box. Once done, click Quickconnect and you are now in the iPhone’s file structure!!

When i mention going to different folders in the phone you simply type the location into the Remote Site box and hit enter!

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