Solving CSF Module Issue

[EDIT: 27/06/2017] This was an unpublished post from the 26th of October 2011 at 04:36 AM.

Please note I am using CentOS v5.7 and some of the commands you find here may not work for any other distributions. I am also using HyperVM to manage my VPS’s, you would not get any of these errors on SolusVM.

You follow instructions at your own risk and only you can be held liable for any changes on your server. This is merely a guide.

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Working on a new project!

I know its been a while since my last post (blog, tweet? no idea what you call it) but i have been really busy with HostWoot and college work and have had no time in between.

In the little time i had available i decided to write up a “quick” script which PUT files to Google Storage. However, the “quick” script ended up taking me 10 hours because of a tiny error i overlooked.

My new project will be called “Direct Link Hosting” and well.. the title pretty much says everything. It is basically a free direct link hosting website where everyday users can upload literally nearly any file which is under 15MB and have a direct link to provide their friends or even hotlink. Originally it was only a test to see if i could make such a PHP script but i then asked myself, would it not be useful if i had a site where it was actually in use? Maybe it could become one of my projects?

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