Working on a new project!

I know its been a while since my last post (blog, tweet? no idea what you call it) but i have been really busy with HostWoot and college work and have had no time in between.

In the little time i had available i decided to write up a “quick” script which PUT files to Google Storage. However, the “quick” script ended up taking me 10 hours because of a tiny error i overlooked.

My new project will be called “Direct Link Hosting” and well.. the title pretty much says everything. It is basically a free direct link hosting website where everyday users can upload literally nearly any file which is under 15MB and have a direct link to provide their friends or even hotlink. Originally it was only a test to see if i could make such a PHP script but i then asked myself, would it not be useful if i had a site where it was actually in use? Maybe it could become one of my projects?

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