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Online Projects

This section shows the projects I am currently working on.

My Personal Website and Blog ( &

I have always wanted to start a website where I would be able to share the interesting things I find or create on the Internet but unfortunately, this is not something I ever got around to doing. After an in-depth conversation with one of my friends, I decided it was a good idea to reserve this domain just in case I ever wanted to host content here. I started this blog on the 18th of January 2011 however, it was taken down a few months afterwards. A backup of the blog was restored in July of 2017.

Offline Projects

This includes projects that never made it online and projects that had been taken offline.

HostWoot –

HostWoot offered free web hosting so that users around the world could set up their own websites. I took over HostWoot from the previous owners, Dan and Josh in around 2009 and incorporated the FFMPEG binaries which allowed users to create their own YouTube styled websites. At the time, HostWoot was the only free web hosting company on the Internet which provided the FFMPEG binaries. HostWoot was shut down on the 27th of September 2011 due to a lack of funding. HostWoot recieved over 100 posts on the forum every day!

BypassTunnel –

I originally started this project just for myself to use whilst I was in school since most of the websites I wanted to visit were blocked. Just before I moved to college, I decided to open this website up to the public with the concept in my head that all websites could be bypassed. BypassTunnel was a free web based proxy that allowed users to bypass local Internet restrictions by routing traffic through a dedicated server. This project was extremely popular in the middle east and in countries which actively filtered what their residents could access. This project received over 6000 requests (each resource/page) per day through its service when it was online! Unfortunately, BypassTunnel cost more to run than the advertisements made therefore it was not feasible to continue with this project.

Direct Link Hosting –

Direct Link Hosting started off as a simple one-page script which uploaded files using the RESTful API to Google Storage buckets. Google Storage was in BETA when this website was created therefore the backend infrastructure for storing files at Google was free. This website simply routed uploaded files to Google’s infrastructure.

More information can be found in this post and this post.

Web Host –

MaximumHost was a paid web hosting company which was started during the end of HostWoot. This project was shut down due to a lack of funding. Unfortunately, many of my projects were created when I was under 18 which meant it was extremely hard to fund my projects.

Other Projects

  • Fetal monitoring project at university. [to be updated]
  • Front door access control project.¬†[to be updated]


This page does not list any paid projects or projects created whilst working at any company.

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