Sending multiple SMS messages at the same time on the iPhone!

This is just something i threw together quickly for someone on the BiteSMS forums. To do this you will need a Jailbroken device and BiteSMS installed. Trial or full, it does not really matter.

BiteSMS allows the user to send messages though SSH which means it can be coded into scripts which is what i will be showing you in this post. The following code will loop though 5 times and “do” or run the BiteSMS send command to the number 07900000001.

for i in $(seq 5)
do /Applications/ -send -carrier 07900000001 "Test Message $i"

You can change the number, message and the amount of times it runs by editing the script.

Please remember you MUST write this in Linux or convert the file to a UNIX format. This is generally done by using the DOS2UNIX command but as the iPhone does not have this installed you will need to find a converter or use the file attached to this post.

Upload this file as “” (you can name the file whatever you please but ensure it has the .sh extension) to an execuable area on the iPhone file system. I used the following location, “/private/var/mobile”. Once this is done, you must log in to your iPhone via an SSH client and run the following command, “/private/var/mobile/”.

If you get a access denied error then please keep reading.

Umars-iPhone:~ root# /private/var/mobile/
-sh: /private/var/mobile/ Permission denied

This is a simple problem to solve. All this means is that the permissions on the file must be changed and providing you have been following this guide carefully, you can simply copy and paste the following command, “chmod 755 /private/var/mobile/”. If you used your own path then please use the chmod command but on your own file. This can also be done via FileZilla.

Download: (please remember to save this as and not test.txt)

Update on Project – DirectLinkHosting

This is probably an extremely fast update but i did spend a lot of the night on this new project which is now up and running. As promised, the PHP behind the website is now available.
The function:
upload_GS($sourcefile, $targetfile, $secret_key, $authkey)
$sourcefile must be the REAL and long path to the file you want to upload.
$targetfile must be the path at which you want to upload the file.
$secret_key must be the secret to the access key (Google Storage Developers Section)
$authkey must be the access key (Google Storage Developers Section)
In practice:
The following script would upload the file (providing it exists) to the Google Storage Bucket. You can implement this next code in an IF statement, i will explain more about this later.

upload_GS(“/home/username/public_html/mymp3.mp3”, “/mymp3.mp3”, “SECRET”, “ACCESS_KEY”)
You will need to edit the PHP code and change where its actually uploading to because at the moment its set to upload to my storage bucket. You can very easily do this by editing all occurrences of “” with “” EXCEPT for the HOST header. This can be changed to “”.

Embedded into a IF statement:
Seeing as the function that i created returns either TRUE or FALSE on success or failure, it is pretty simple to integrate into an IF statement.

if(!upload_GS(“/home/username/public_html/mymp3.mp3”, “/mymp3.mp3”, “SECRET”, “ACCESS_KEY”)) {
$error = “Critical Error!”;
} else {
// Insert into database? Do an action? Up to you!

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Working on a new project!

I know its been a while since my last post (blog, tweet? no idea what you call it) but i have been really busy with HostWoot and college work and have had no time in between.

In the little time i had available i decided to write up a “quick” script which PUT files to Google Storage. However, the “quick” script ended up taking me 10 hours because of a tiny error i overlooked.

My new project will be called “Direct Link Hosting” and well.. the title pretty much says everything. It is basically a free direct link hosting website where everyday users can upload literally nearly any file which is under 15MB and have a direct link to provide their friends or even hotlink. Originally it was only a test to see if i could make such a PHP script but i then asked myself, would it not be useful if i had a site where it was actually in use? Maybe it could become one of my projects?

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